Develop Your Successful Internet Based Home Business - Step 3

"The Internet is Global, Worldwide and Expanding! As is the income 
potential generated from home-based web businesses"
                                          -Mark A. Askew

Now we will consider the type of service or products you will sell,  the type of pages you will have on the web and the ad placements to to put on your pages.  

It is best to have an a good idea of what you will be selling online.  Consider first the products or service you will offer to online users. 

The following list contains suggested products, services to offer your visitors, readers, friends and those in your social network. Make one or more choices from the list to determine the type of business you will be running. Place the description in the text box.  Product Sales 
Art Prints
Avon Rep Sales

Book Authoring/Publishing
Children’s Book Sales
Catalog Sales
Cake Decorating
Party Supplies

Etsy Craft Product Sales


Event Planning Guides
Digital Music
Direct Sales
Freelance Graphics Design 
Freelance Writing Publishing
Flyers for Business and Events
Gift Card Sales
Printable Greeting Cards
Home Party Shows Self Publishing of Book and CD Sales
Music Scores Themes and Jingles Self Publishing
Party Planner Planning

Printable Special Occasion
Zazzle T-Shirt Sales

Cafe Press  T-Shirt Sales
Shoes (Unique Canvas Designs)

If you don't already have a web page, blog or social network page consider the theme, tags and keywords that best describe your business, content and products and use them in the url, page title and description of your business when setting up your account. 

Now set up your account using the following suggested web space providers. (If you alread have web space or an active social network move on to the advance steps below.)

1.  Facebook page 
2.  Myspace page 
3.  Word Press blog
4.  Blogger
5.  Twitter account
6.  LinkedIn account
7.  Don't have a website? Get a professional website with all the bells and whistles here.

Once you setup your account you will be allowed to add people you normally communicate with via email to your network. When send a message abut your products or article to the network all in your group will see it. 

Advance Steps - Now you will setup accounts with ad services and marketplaces.

Using Ads To Earn Income
If you just want to put ads on your pages or blog set up an account at Google AdSense Google Affiliate Network 

If you are selling your own products such as ebooks, software or CD's set up an account with Paypal

Designing and Selling Your Own Prodocts To Earn Income
 If you wish to create your own products such as t-shirts, neckties, shoes, bags, etc. go here. If you want to author your own book go here.

Enter the Marketingplace If you want to add your products to the Google online marketplace and sell them there set up an account at Google Base

If you want to add your products to the Paypal online marketplace and sell them there set up an account at  Paypal

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