Free Interactive Web Business Workshop

"In A Few minutes you'll learn to earn a modest income 
doing what you love most.  I did and so will you."
                                          -Mark A. Askew

Whether you have a web page or not I will show you how to earn a modest income from hundreds  to thousands a month. And best of all you can get started in just a few minutes.  

My name is Mark Askew. I have been generating income online since 1998.  I knew that in order  to earn a decent living using a web space I would need to find  a simple way of giving a web visitor a product or service they wanted while I earn a referral fee in the process.  

That very month I turned two dollars into $200. The next two month  I turned $200 into $2000. Before the close of 2002 I had earn $150,000 from internet based ad referrals alone.  But I was doing other things that earned income as well, like pay per click and selling my own products.

I'm no mastermind. I just like earning a living onlin while being my own boss. I'm sure you do to.

If you have a facebook page, myspace page, twitter account, or Google wave account with a modest amount of followers you're one step ahead of the game.  If you have a blog account like Wordpress or Blogger, or article writing account like eHow How-to or Squidoo and a few readers  you're in a good position to start earning additional income. 

I will show you how to turn these social network accounts into income generating machines. 

"Over 7000 people became millionaires on the internet in 2005"

"64% of the population of the United States is online via some 7000 ISPs"

Many are earning money to suppliment their income just by posting ads on their blogs, web spaces of web pages. Why not you? 

In 2003 my monthly income exceeded $15,000. While I cannot promise you'll make that much money I can show you how to earn a modest income.  

You don't have to be an expert to learn my proven methods of generating income online. Just enter the workshop and follow the simple step by step directions and I'll get you started in no time. 

  let's get started.

Mark Askew, Founder 
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